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Camp La-No'-Che Patches

This web site has 2 formats, an online reference with scans of patches as well as a printable format which requires the Adobe reader.  The  printable  section includes  the book  "The Patches of Camp La-No'-Che 1950 - 2005" , annual supplements and additional reference material.

Online Reference

Print Files - Adobe format
The Patches of Camp La-No'-Che 1950 - 2005
Revised 3/8/2012
2006 Supplement
Revised 1/30/2011
2007 Supplement
Revised 1/30/2011
2008 Supplement
2009 Supplement
2010 Supplement
Revised 3/6/2012
2011 Suppliment
2012 Suppliment

Quick Reference - Adobe format
Hiker of La-No'-Che
The End
Revised 1/30/2011
Eagle Week

Last Update 2/12/2013
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